Knowing where to stand - A photographers guide to composition

Knowing where to stand - A photographer's guide to composition

Covering all aspects of composition, from the fundamentals to advanced techniques. Illustrated throughout with inspirational photography, and with in-depth explanations to what makes an image work, this ebook will help to improve your photographic technique. Whatever your level of knowledge it will both teach and inspire.

Some concepts covered in the book include: spatial awareness, the photographic discord, edges, balance and symmetry, bipolar pictorial composition, learning to see, shapes in the landscape and many more topics.


Adobe Acrobat PDF document - 46 pages

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Photography holidays in Nepal - John Walmsley, Focus on Light

Nepal - Photographic journey

I frequently found myself working outside of my ‘normal’ landscape photography routines, and I ended up getting a lot more out of Nepal than I had expected. This ebook is a portfolio of my favourite photographs.


Adobe Acrobat PDF document - 56 pages

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